Thank You report – Freedom Festival 2021

A meeting point between heaven and earth was the Maria Hendrikaplein in Ghent on Saturday, July 17th, 2021.
Between the rain showers and storms of the days before and after, the sun shone favourably that day on the square, while the teams from the churches of Ghent met up with the teams from Antwerp, Brussels, Kortrijk, Lombardsijde, Charleroi and beyond.

From the moment the preparations started, it was also clear that God’s hand was leading this. The Ghent Festivities, an annual milestone in the city, were cancelled but the Freedom Festival nevertheless received favourable approval to proceed. With great enthusiasm, old friends and new members of the organization committee engaged in the work to make up for last year’s lost time.

Some testimonies from the day:

“I have sought my own way to God,” said the young Flemish musician, who stayed in the square from the build-up to watch and listen, “I have many questions. Thank you, I am going to read the Bible”. He carefully put away the New Testament and the list of churches. These were offered to him by one of the organization members who engaged in a conversation with him.

“You are right, we should seek God and give thanks to Him”, said Alan after talking to a Freedom team member. Despite the fact that his friends were close to him, he respectfully took off his hat and bowed his head to pray.

The single mother of a sick teenager opened her heart to someone who spoke to her at the Freedom Festival. “Can God also heal mental illness and bring a reverse in my situation?” she dared to ask. Together we prayed and asked God to intervene in her hopeless situation.

“Would you please notify me for the next festival and may I serve again?” was the question of one of the new volunteers from Lombardsijde.

“Several times I have cooperated with the Freedom Festival and attended the prayer meeting” said a brother from the ‘Church of Pentecost’. “More than ever, I have experienced an unparalleled power and openness during the prayer meeting that cannot be explained.”

“What if we met several times throughout the year, to pray for the Freedom Festival and the souls that of people we reach” said Deaconess Rita. “Ghent will be saved!”

A large team of dancers with festive colours, angel wings and gorgeous fabrics decorated the square under the direction of Kenni Anggraini. The fruits of perseverance is obvious over the years. One by one the artists and speakers alternated on the stage, while other teams gave their best to serve in the tents around the square. The gospel was shared one to one and people were reached in the station. People were impressed by the dedication of the youth team from Kortrijk and their drama piece. The singers, bands and speakers also gave their best.

Alfredo Guangatal, Spanish speaker from the church “Unidos en Cristo”, testified about a young sportsman of around 30 years old in Ecuador who was found seriously ill. The doctors gave him a few months to live. Jesus Christ came into his life. Now 30 years later he is still alive and better yet he testified of the power of Jesus on the stage of the Freedom Festival. The incurably ill man was Alfredo himself.

Underprivileged clients of social organizations responded to the invitation and showed up on the day of the festival. They cautiously came to explore the Freedom Festival. They returned back home with much hope in Jesus Name touched by the love expressed to them by the team of volunteers and their services.

A great thanks for the cooperation of the Church of Pentecost, Grace City International, Unidos en Cristo, Op weg, Angel Ministries, World Revival Center, Jesus Living Water for All Nations, Agape Church, Evangelical Church De Bron, Living Water Fellowship Brugge, Gates of the Kingdom. Thank you to Gospel Palace, for faithfully providing a worthy gospel program and sound as well as the team of Koinonia.

To all the intercessors, volunteers, givers, dancers, artists, musicians, the coworkers of the first and last hours, the old friends and the new ones, the great and the small: your giving, investment, words of encouragement, gifts in secret, commitment, services of love and so much more, may not have been met with words but may the Lord, our Rewarder, bless you and make Himself known to you as El Roë, the God who sees.

The cost of the day was covered by the reliable donations of churches and individuals. Proceeds from the sale will go to the street children of Uganda. More info:

You can still offer your donation for the street children on the Koinonia Kids account with:
IBAN BE96 9734 0791 1205

A donation for the event or the evangelism work of Koinonia can be made on the account with:
IBAN BE21 3631 1740 5103

On behalf of the organizing committee
Eugenia Daskalopoulou-Tarlizou

For more photos of this memorable day click here

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