Report Greatest Gift 2020

Dear sponsor, dear partner,

Nobody was sure about anything anymore. What is allowed and what is not; would we be able to celebrate Christmas soon? And yet the pandemic did not stop Christmas.

Just like Joseph and Mary, the organization went looking to see how and where to give shape to the Christmas action for the less fortunate. The Leertuin Christian Elementary School in Antwerp hosted the food and Christmas parcels distribution. The school was also transformed into a real inn to provide people in need with a ray of light and hope and a real taste of Christmas.

The team from Koinonia was not alone. Just like the wise men and the shepherds of The Silent Night, various sponsors and volunteers came to reinforce the initiative and help out.

A total of 500 packages were prepared with goods and gifts for the whole family in order to reach about 2000 people. After the initial distribution, the distribution followed to the disabled people, asylum centers and senior citizens.  Each package was delivered with care.

While people continued to pass by appointment from 10 am to 6 pm, they were able to enjoy the warm Christmas atmosphere and reception that is typical of the Greatest Gift. 

It was a celebration for the less fortunate who gratefully accepted the gifts and food, as well as for the volunteers who enjoyed this wonderful occasion. The current circumstances made it doubly worthwhile and worthy.

At the exit, a young lady from Antwerp walked out with tears in her eyes. ‘You don’t know what this means to me and my family,’ she said. ‘We were so deeply affected for the first time ; we didn’t know how to get food for the rest of the month and then your invitation came…’

Thankful for every contributor, for every giver, for every gift; without you we could not have made this happen. We pray for you all to be blessed.

A special thanks to:

The businesses, companies and supermarkets who donated or discounted some of the food, freezers and supplies to us;

De Toevlucht food distribution, Waagnatie, Farm frites, The food bank Kortrijk Jesus Living Water, Carrefour Lange Lozannastraat, Continental Fruits, Lidl Wilrijk, Metro, Carrefour Bist, Robin Bvba, Food Bank Hoop Sint-Truiden, Food Bank Mortsel, Sabert Corp Europe, Retif Aartselaar NV, Hoop vzw Vilvoorde, Food Bank Bethel, City Bible Foundation, Van Dael Horeca NV, Huricane BV, Flemish Opera Antwerp and shoe maker Rob and Sandra;

The social organizations and centres that made the invitation available to their clients;

The Evangelical church communities who carried out the organization;

Gospel Palace.

In the new year of 2021 we will not be sitting still of course. We are determined to keep going for the less fortunate in Antwerp and the surrounding area.

You can support us by making a donation or goods for the next edition, Agape Easter Parcel Distribution, which will take place on Easter Monday. If you are interested in this, please contact us through our contact page.


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