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OUR MISSION is to equip you for the ministry!


I’ve been attending the Zoë College, a partnership school between Koinonia Ministries and the Johan Maasbach Ministry, for 3 years. I realize that in life there are lessons and LESSONS to learn. What I have received from the Bible school so far, I can only describe it as life’s deep wisdom and a revelation right from the heart of God.  I am committed to cherish it in my heart, to carry it in my mind and to apply it, for the rest of my life.

I found a perfect balance between the Word of God and its application as an equipment for myself and the work of the ministry. Thank you for blessing me. I hope to be able to pass this on to many!

Katia Van de Broeck
Project Coordinator – Koinonia Ministries vzw


I am Maguy I. Ngoy-Busano. I am married and a mother of 6 children. I stand next to my husband in ministry who is a pastor since 1994 in Holland. We currently serve together with our family at the ‘Assembleé Evangélique pour la Réconciliation’.

Because of the call of God in my life, I always knew I needed to obtain more knowledge. In Rotterdam we hosted a Bible school. I was responsible for the accommodation of students who were coming from Belgium and therefore had no possibility to attend classes. But I had a burning desire to attend a theological school. I sought and consulted even universities but it was not possible for me as a mother of six children.

In 2010, God directed me to pastor Eugenia Daskalopoulou, and I discovered Zoe College. It was exactly what I needed to complete what was missing in my ministry. The courses are scheduled for people who have a family and ministry. The teachers are both competent but also spiritual.

Just as it is written in the Bible, in Proverbs 25:25: ‘Like cold water to a thirsty soul, so is good news from a far country’. But Zoe College gave me more than that; knowledge and the skills to proclaim the gospel.

Through Koinonia and Zoe College I saw the fulfillment of God’s promises in different aspects of my life s.a. my involvement in the mission field.

I am blessing ‘Johan Maasbach Ministry’ and Koinonia Ministries for their precious contribution in our ministry. My husband, myself and our children are grateful to you.

Pastor Maguy I. Ngoy-Busano