Training you to fulfill God’s purpose
OUR MISSION is to equip you for the ministry!

God’s heartbeat has been always to reconcile people to Himself. Because of the fall of man, the Son of God came on earth to bridge the gap and to send out on His behalf. 

Equipping disciples for His harvest was a key part of Jesus’ mission and the Great Commission (Matt. 28:19-20).

Koinonia Ministries in Belgium is partnering with theJohan Maasbach World Mission and other ministries from all over the world to offer this training course here in Belgium. Courses are taught in English and in Dutch.

This is a unique opportunity for anyone with a passion to serve God effectively in a particular area of ministry. Our desire is to help raise a generation, which is totally committed and living for God, a people with a kingdom mentality, whose passion is the heartbeat of the Father (Isa.6:8).

Our Purpose is to:

Offer students from different backgrounds a comprehensive training in order to be able to better understand and fulfill God’s unique purpose for their lives, the body of Christ and of those who do not yet know Him.

Our Objectives are to:

  • Help students to awaken, develop and deepen their personal relationship with God.
  • Offer them a solid biblical foundation with courses that dig deep into the Scriptures.
  • Give them a clear and broad perspective on the work of the ministry by experienced international teachers.
  • Help them to understand the calling of God in their individual lives
  • Encourage them to use their God given potential within the Church of Christ and outside.
  • Train them to become effective workers for the Lord’s kingdom
  • Inspire a vivid willingness to respond to God’s calling and help to prepare them to be able to go wherever God sends them.

Our target groups are:

Christians from all denominational backgrounds
Those aspiring to go into ministry
Full and part time church workers