The Light on Belgium

Belgium is a country with a Christian background. Our social system, the facilities and the reception of strangers and those in need, are one of the best in the world.

This is mainly due to the Christian roots of our country in which these good values have been established. Yet Belgium like the rest of the European countries, has rejected its Christian identity now. The development and prosperity of the country have separated it from its original values.

The recent multicultural and multireligieous character of the nation, the allianation of the modern society from church and its message, as well as the thriving religious extremism, have turned people away from religion all together…

“I have now seen another way in which people live their faith, not known to the general public. We must work to make more people come to understand this.” Raymond, Social Photographer-Journalist.

Thus, the welfare of the country is separated from the good fundation of the Bible. Secularism, confidence in own self and own morals appear to have replaced the Christian faith.

The Church too seems to be pre-occupied with its agenda, but it is missing its goal to serve the society it lives in. It has become an old institution whose sole value is to bare witness to a bygone era. Repeated scandals as well as the tendency of our generation to question the truth and place everything subject to relativism, drove people out of church.

But does this really benefit man?

In a country where we enjoy one of the highest standards of living in the world, we also have one of the highest rates of suicide. Psychiatric institutions thrive, alcohol and drug addiction are on the rise and all too often teenage pregnancy and abortions devastate lives. The void in the spirit of man can never be filled by anything else other than God Himself.

This is evident in our society; a country that has virtually everything, but deems God unnecessary. We believe that the church is essentially vital for a healthy society and well balanced individuals.

The Light on Belgium envisions a church that:Proclaims the good news at all times;

  • Stands in integrity in word and deed;
  • Is united beyond the local church and denomination borders;
  • Is actively involved outside the church walls, where the need is;
  • Is caring for people and is concerned about their welfare.

“I have been everywhere but what struck me about the members of the church was their warmth and their openness. You could see the light in them…With all due respect for those that do, I’m actually not a church person. And this project was organized by various churches aiming to help the children of Uganda have a better future with the money they were raising. I found the initiative of these young people was certainly worthwhile to support.” – These were the words of the volunteer photographer present at the last Hope Festival.

OUR PROJECTS; HOPE FESTIVAL, GREATEST GIFT FESTIVAL, FREEDOM FESTIVAL, 10 MILES. Your cooperation is needed. We can not realize our vision alone. We need your cooperation as an individual and/or as a local church.

Together with our team and other churches in the city, we work together and we share the responsibilities. Together we bring a strong message in word and deed! Contact us for more information. You can partner with us or you can volunteer for one or more of our projects.