The Light on Belgium

The Light on Belgium aims to bring the Good News to the world, outside of the church walls, on the streets, in the market places, and wherever there is a need. We believe in a church that is united, above any doctrinal borders, caring for the needy, reachingout to the people and is involved in society. Our events are a partnership of different churches, denominations, organisations and people, bringing a message of hope, a Biblical perspective and a practical answer to the different areas of life and the community. Click here to read more.

Hope Festival

On the common ground of faith, hope and love, numerous churches, artists and individuals join hands to bring a practical message of hope and love over the oceans. The Hope festival is an annual open-air Gospel concert and a fundraising sale for the benefit of the Street Children Rehabilitation Project in Uganda. Various documentaries and reports exposed the shocking reality of street children in Uganda recently. Koinonia Ministries believes that crisis is an invitation to action and we therefore stand along these children, going further than solidarity to bring solutions and practical answers. The aim is to build a stable future for them, as much as possible, and provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Click on the image below to read more.

10 Miles

Among the multitude of people that gather annually for the 10 Miles marathon in Antwerp, hundreds of Christians from very different backgrounds, cultures and ages stand out with a colourful message.  Their colourful T-shirts are carrying the message of the love of God for our city.  The message is simple: God and faith have a place in the city of Antwerp and Jesus wants to walk and run together with people in their joy, in their course of life, in their tough tunnels… and He wants to help them make it to the end and win a heavenly prize!  While Sunday is a rest day for most Christians, the 10 Miles Christian participation to the event expresses the heart of God, who would break every barrier to reach out to the world, like He did when He sent Jesus… The 10 Miles initiative is combined with fundraising and sponsoring for good causes and charity. Read more here.

Freedom Festival

Freedom Festival is held annually at the start of the annual 10 day festivities in Ghent, where 1000s of people gather from all over Belgium and the region. During the festivities, the Freedom Festival stands out as a bold expression of joy and freedom, the real freedom as defined in the Bible. Various churches, organisations and gospel groups come from all over Belgium to participate and stand together with the Ghent churches in a public celebration of their faith. Click on the image below to read more.

Greatest Gift Festival

The Greatest Gift Festival is held every year the week before Christmas where hundreds of homeless, refugees, disabled and disadvantaged people are received as VIP’s during a 3-course meal, which is accompanied by a gospel concert and many gifts for all the children and a tombola for the adults. The GGF aims to be a true expression of the Christmas message as Christ, the son of God came to be born in a manger. His first public message was: I came to bring Good News to the poor… Koinonia believes that disadvantaged people are a priority in God’s heart. The event is a great opportunity to express our love to people outside of the church in a practical way. It also contributes towards church unity in the area, as people from different denominations and backgrounds come together to work for a common purpose, they get to know one another and they build trust with one another. Click here to read more.

Koinonia Bible School

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