A Christ-centered life | Seminar with Franz Lippi


SEMINAR WITH FRANZ LIPPI on Monday 4th, Tuesday 5th and Wednesday 6th November  from 19:30 tot 21:30

A Christ-centred life

Much of our modern Christian life and understanding is centred on what God will do for me, the exercise of gifts and ministry.

Far beyond the benefits and the manifestations of our salvation is the knowledge of the Person of Christ and the building of a life centred around Him. He is The One from and for Whom everything was created and The One who holds everything together.  

This apostolic teaching of Christology promises to rekindle our love for the Lord and our intimate relationship with Him, to develop a sharp discernment against commercial gospel trends and to build a solid foundation for life and ministry.

Pr Franz’s teachings are deeply founded in the Scripture, very practical and unique at the same time.

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