When we call church leaders to come together we have a hindering factor!

When we call church leaders to come together we have a hindering factor. Though there are so many churches in our city, the vast majority of them are the result of a church split. Somebody believed God called him/her and prematurely left the church, taking, by the way, a good number of members and leaving brokenness behind.
Those that have gone through such experience find it very difficult to trust a call for a leaders unity platform.

An other common occurrence is church members who move inappropriately out of church. A pastor tried to disciple or correct them and they did not take it. They rather moved on unsatisfied. Eventually, in the new church, they did not reveal to the pastor the real reason they looked for a new church. On the contrary, they slander the former pastor and they are believed…
This tops up on the previous hesitations and distrust making every effort for reconciliation in the Body of Christ a quite impossible case…

Because of betrayal, many leaders have become offended. That makes it difficult to bring leaders together.

The Lord trusted us with the ministry of reconciliation. Leaders need be healed from the spirit of offence.
2 Co 5:18

Pr Kofi Akoukou-Owusu, Kingdom Faith Ministry
@the City Prayer for Antwerp

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