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Saturday 19th of December 2015 
at the Feestzaal-Kielpark of Antwerp-Kiel 

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With heart and soul, over 150 volunteers from 20 different churches and organizations offered a free Christmas for the less fortunate. Diverse people, Nigerians, Chinese, Brazilians, Arabs, Ghanaians, Filipinos, Dutch, Greeks, Congolese, Americans, Angolans... served together all the families and individuals who came from different social organizations and agencies to the annual Greatest Gift Festival celebration every December.


The classical piano alternated with gypsy violin music, gospel singers and bands which included Capelle singers, drama and modern dance. This stunning artistic program was accompanied by a three-course meal, a special children's programme and lots of gifts. The organizers pampered their guests this Christmas and warmed their hearts with hope.

"What's under your Christmas tree?" was the question that was asked in the crowded hall.

Attention to the real meaning of Christmas was given during the evening, aiming to restore the significance of what we celebrate this season.


Although the people at the event were themselves in need, they were moved with compassion and contributed from their heart towards the Koinonia Street Children project in Uganda, when it was presented.

The Greatest Gift Festival is an initiative of KOINONIA in collaboration with GOSPEL PALACE. (More photos:  Link 1, link 2, link 3 and link 4).



Video: Video from Greatest Gift Festival 2014 
Article: Christmas for 600 underprivileged people

GREATEST GIFT FESTIVAL 2014 - Saturday 20th of December 2014



Greatest Gift Festival 2014

Greatest Gift Festival 2014



You can see more PICTURES of the event here, or read the HLN article here 
watch the VIDEO of Greatest Gift Festival here!


Your feedback, remarks and prayers are highly appreciated.  

You can also express your support through a gift:
For the Greatest Gift Festival: BE21 3631 1740 5103
For the work of Koinonia: BE35 3200 0631 1437
For the Street Children Project in Uganda: BE09 3200 0913 6157




Christmas season - GREATEST GIFT FESTIVAL 2015
Saturday 19th of December 2015 at the Feestzaal-Kielpark of Antwerp-Kiel from 17.00 to 22.00
The true Christmas spirit is the aim of the 5th Greatest Gift Festival which will take place on Saturday 19 of December 2015 at the Feestzaal-Kielpark of Antwerp-Kiel from 17h. Together with churches from Antwerp, we invite you to share the love of God with the less fortunate in our city during the Christmas season.
The images of the recent refugee waves have baffled all of us. Nonetheless, there is also poverty here at home. For many, this time of the year emphasises their loneliness, their inability to do something for those they love and an even greater difference between poverty and welfare...
The day includes gospel performances, three course meal, special children's programme, children's entertainment, a raffle and a small gift for all the children.
Do you want to participate and help make this Christmas special for someone in need? 
Promote sponsoring-cards among your friends and family; 10€ covers the cost for one guest!volunteering for the event (kitchen, serving, setting up, clearing up, cleaning, preparing gifts....)
Please confirm your presence by contact us today here.at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 0498 81 61 56

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