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HOPE FESTIVAL on 10 September 2016 in Antwerp. 

Report & Thank you note!

‘Love is not indifferent' was the message of Liana Willems, one of the speakers of the Hope Festival held at the Groenplaats in Antwerp last week Saturday. 

The Hope Festival builds for years a bridge between Uganda and Belgium, between the gospel and the city. The theme of the day 'hope, love, faith’ was very practically illustrated at the site of all visitors of the event. ‘Love your neighbour’ remains a perpetual message that touches hearts, a clear language understood by all men and the core of the gospel.

Gospel artists and bands from different churches found a platform to use their talents in the heart of Antwerp. Katia Van De Broeck, the vice-chairperson of the organisation, asked one of the artists while on the podium why she decided to perform. Her answered turned the question around: ‘why would I not come? Everyone should support these children.’

Smart young boys and girls from different nationalities served throughout the day in selling, children animation, music, by setting up and breaking down the event...; what a statement on its own! 

Their presence was well noticed even among the speakers. Rebecca, 21 years old, just came back from her first missionary trip to Uganda. Sharing on her experience and impressions, she addressed the public as such: ‘on behalf of those who have no voice I have come to speak to you…’

Children from the church and visitors added to the characteristic ‘bubbling life’ of the festival. The bouncing castle and the masterpieces of young people in face painting, bring the message closer to the city and the hearts of the people. 

Sale of food, drinks, clothes, a flea market and trendy Christian gadgets in different tents around the square supported the event; all for the benefit of street children in Uganda. 

We would have never been able to accomplish this without the individual contributions. That’s why we are saying thank you from our hearts;first to our Lord and then to everyone that has contributed to the success of the day either by prayer or input and or any other support.  

The event is a partnership of Koinonia Ministries and Gospel Palace.

Our special gratitude goes to:
‘Het Vadershuis’
‘Agape Church’
‘Philadelphia Kerk’
‘Genesis International’
‘International Christian Fellowship’
‘Praise Center’
‘Kingdom Faith Ministries’
‘Believers Emblem Ministries’
‘Marvelous Light of God Ministry’
‘House of Shira’ Christian home accessories
Kester Groep cleaning company
The City of Antwerp
the faithful team of Gospel Palace and Koinonia.

You can still contribute to the event with a gift at the street children account of KOINONIA with IBAN BE09 3200 0913 6157

You can register as a volunteer, artist or partner for the next edition/event by contacting us at:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More photos from the event:  Koinonia Facebook page.

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HOPE FESTIVAL on Saturday 10 September 2016 from 12:00 to 18:00 at Groenplaats, Antwerp.

Gospel concert for the benefit of the Street Children in Uganda.

"Love is like a flame that shines in the dark. When many flames come together, they dispelled the darkness," stated the president of KOINONIA, Eugenia Daskalopoulou, in her call for support for the street children in Uganda.

Gospel Artists and various local evangelical churches join forces in the ongoing fight against child exploitation and street life of disadvantaged children in Uganda. Our motto remains: "We will leave no child behind!"

KOINONIA is committed for many years for the rehabilitation, resettlement and education of street children in the region. Whilst at the same time, it raises awareness in Belgium by open air events, like the Hope Festival, as well as school and charity activities, building bridges between ordinary people and where the need exists.

The HOPE FESTIVAL takes place twice per year in Antwep for the benefit of the street children in Uganda, in a family atmosphere of singing, dancing, children's entertainment, food and drink from various stalls, depicting a rainbow of hope as people from different backgrounds come together.

More information:
Contact person: Eugenia Daskalopoulou |  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  | 0497 43 64 84 |www.koinoniaKIDS.org

HOOPFESTIVAL Antwerpen Koinonia Ministries




HOPE FESTIVAL on Saturday 28 May 2016 

Hope Festival on Saturday 28 May 2016 from 13:00 to 19:00, Groenplaats, Antwerp. Driven by love and faith, hope is the message, that brings Koinonia, artists and volunteers together to the annual Hope Festival, with a gospel concert and a flea market for the benefit of Street Children in Uganda. 

Since 2000, Koinonia is committed to bring the most vulnerable street children in Uganda out of landfills, children's prisons, begging on the streets, drugs and exploitation. In 4 projects spread from the south to the north of the country, the organization helps the children with shelter, education, training and rehabilitation. The moto is: we leave no child behind!

The event is a call to all citizens to look beyond their own region and to contribute to a better world by helping these children.

Hope Festival is a day of singing, dancing, children's entertainment, food and drink, where everyone is welcome. For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  - tel. 049 881 61 56.


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A big thanks toeveryone who contributed to the success of the Hope Festival on Saturday 19th September!

Driven by love, faith and hope, many enthusiastic artists and volunteers carried the gospel message with their words and actions.  Visitors were received at the Sint-Jansplein of Antwerp, by the teams of Koinonia, Gospel Palace and various local churches with a gospel concert, speeches and a flea market for the benefit of the street children in Uganda.

Love is like a fire that many waters cannot quench, according to the Bible (Song of Songs 8:6,7) and the showers of rain on Saturday could not stop the teams that worked from the early hours in the morning until late at night!

The colourful red tents of the City hosted the stands for the children's entertainment and delicious food and drinks that escorted the artistic performances and the sales of the market, available to everyone, throughout the day.

Street children are an ongoing plague in Uganda affecting a whole generation and thousands of victims. Poignant poverty, war, HIV epidemic and the past dictatorship left the country overwhelmed with one of the largest number of street children in the world. Koinonia Ministries takes up children between the ages of 2 and 16 years old from garbage landfills, children's prisons, drugs and exploitation in the streets and offers them a new future and hope.  In 4 projects located in different places across the country, children are being provided with shelter, food, rehabilitation, education and training.

The motto is: We leave NO child behind!

The Hope Festival 2015 was dedicated to the rebuilding of our boy’s home in Kisoro, Uganda which was burned down last month.  The goal is to raise 10,000 euro for the current repairs. Your donation to our bank account BE09 3200 0913 6157 will be highly appreciated. 

Sponsoring a child costs just 1 per day. This small sacrifice can make all the difference in the life of a child in Uganda. €30 per month can be a matter of either life of death for them!

Pictures of Hope Festival 2015: Picasa link and Facebook link.

New VIDEO of our Street Children Rehabilitation Project in Uganda: Youtube link 


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To find out more about our Street Children Rebabilitation project, or to sponsor a child, click here.



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