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Koinonia Ministries

Every Thursday: Fellowship and prayer from 10:00 till 12:30
Every 2nd Saturday of the month: City Prayer from 09:00 till 11:00
Get in touch for more information and exact dates.


AGENDA 2018  

  • Symposium about Israel with Ds. Glashouwer on Saturday 27 Januari - Genk 
  • Mission Trip to Uganda: 12 to 22 February
  • Agape Festival Easter monday, April 2 at Parkspoor Noord - Antwerp
  • 10 Miles: April 22 - Antwerp
  • Imove Europe Festival - Still to be confirmed
  • Mission Trip to Nigeria : May 15 to May 25
  • Shalom Festival Brussels : Still to be confirmed
  • Seminar with Pr. Franz Lippi : Still to be confirmed
  • Freedom Festival : July 14 - Gent, Maria Hendrikaplein
  • Mission Trip to Uganda : Still to be confirmed
  • Mission Trip Litouwen Europe Awakening : August 30 >> September 2
  • Hope Festival : September 10 or 17 at Groenplaats, Antwerp - Still to be confirmed
  • Shalom Festival Antwerp : Still to be confirmed (request BCI)
  • Trip to Israel : October 27 >> November 4
  • VVP Family day : November 11 - Leuven
  • Greatest Gift Festival : December 15 at Parkspoor Noord - Antwerp



Our News 

Street Children Rehabilitation Project - We have some very precious updates to report from our latest trip to Uganda and the photos below are from our 66 children that we took from the Kampala children prison. You can find out more and read our latest newsletter here

Uganda Koinonia Street Children Rehabilitation Project 

You can SPONSOR a child today through our project also! Read more here.






I am Maguy I. Ngoy-Busano. I am married and a mother of 6 children. I stand next to my husband in ministry who is a pastor since 1994 in Holland. We currently serve together with our family at the 'Assembleé Evangélique pour la Réconciliation'.


Because of the call of God in my life, I always knew I needed to obtain more knowledge.  In 2010, I discovered Zoe College. It was exactly what I needed to complete what was missing in my ministry. Read full testimony





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  You can register now for the KOINONIA BIBLE SCHOOL!


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Belgian Coalition for Israel 
The Alliance for Peace 
in the Middle East
C'Axent (Christians in Belgian Politics)
Bible Day
Pakistani Minority Aid


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